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SlottaTime Pre-Purchase Questions:

Bullet Can I try SlottaTime before I buy it?

Of Course! SlottaTime is a FREE Download and allows full unrestricted use of the software for 30 Days. After the free evaluation time has ended ALL the information and data you have entered is retained so that when you register and purchase a license you can simply continue to run your business from where you left.

Bullet My Security will not let me download an EXE file -What can I do?

Some Security and anti virus software prevents the downloading of Exe files such as the SlottaTime installer. If you can't download the normal file you can Download a ZIP File instead -Just Click HERE

Bullet Microsoft Access is Expensive, do I have to buy it?

No, you do not need to Buy Microsoft Access. While SlottaTime uses the Microsoft Access database engine it will perform identically on a FREE "Runtime" version as on the full version of Access. You can click here to - Download the FREE Access 2010 Runtime and also an update  - Download Access 2010 Runtime Service Pack 2 directly from Microsoft (both are needed).

Bullet Does SlottaTime handle my Staff's Timesheets and Payroll?

No. There are already many very good payroll and timesheet applications available. Please Contact us for our recommendations or discounts on some of the better ones.

Bullet Can several of my staff use SlottaTime at once?

Yes. SlottaTime is built as a fully multi user system. Up to a theoretical 255 simultaneous users can work with SlottaTime. The user interface is installed on each computer and these connect through your Local Area Network to a central machine that stores and shares the data. SlottaTime will only allow one user at a time to change or edit the exact same record (eg a single Customer, TimeSlot or Job Appointment), but many can view it at once.

Bullet I have lots of Customer Information already. Do I have to retype it all?

Absolutely not! SlottaTime will import Customer records from many common systems. There are fields to hold Most information about customers and additional information can be entered in to the "Notes" field.

Bullet What is the Document Management System and how do I use it?

SlottaTime's integrated Document Management System allows you to manage and retain details of each Customers Documents, files / images / contracts / photos / plans / spreadsheets etc. in one easy to find location, right with each Customers details. Documents are optionally moved or copied to a managed folder and are centrally available for all users. Never loose that contract, photo or plan again! Documents are stored in their native format and opened with the associated application. Paper Documents can be scanned and stored. Just locate your Customer, Click the Documents Tab then the Add button. SlottaTime will ask you to locate the document that you wish to add, Let you choose to leave the original where it is and make a new "Managed" copy or simply move the Document to the managed folder. Then you provide a short description of the document (eg Photo of Driveway), select it's Type (eg Photo) and that's it. No fuss. SlottaTime maintains an index to the document whenever you need it.

Bullet My IT guy says 'Access sucks' and SQL Server is all he will accept.

Microsoft Access is a well recognised and accepted Database System. It was choosen to keep costs down, speed development and keep the product affordable. Users report very high reliability, however good regular backups are always recommended for all critical business data.

We have tested SlottaTime on Microsoft SQL Server. SlottaTime runs well, but SQL Server takes quite a bit of specialist setting up and configuration. Please Contact us for details on running SlottaTime on Microsoft SQL Server.

Bullet What Support options are available?

There are Gold, Silver and Bronze Priority Support packages available, each on a 1 year contract. Please visit the SlottaTime Support page for further information on your support options.

SlottaTime Customer Service Appointment Scheduling System

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 Questions on Configuring and using SlottaTime

Bullet I have just installed Access 2010 Runtime but I get the following error...

"The Expression you entered has a function that SlottaTime can't find."

This is a know bug with Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime. The Solution is to Download and install Service Pack 2 from:  

Bullet I have just installed Access 2007 but I get the following error...

"The database is in an unrecognised format. The database may have been created with a later version of Microsoft Office Access than the one you are using"...

SlottaTime now requires Microsoft Access 2010 or higher to run. Please Download the FREE Access 2013 Runtime (Choose AccessRuntime_x86_en-us.exe)

Bullet SlottaTime wants a Username and Password! -What are they?

The installation script lists these on installing. Use "SlottaTime" initially as both the Username and Password. It is strongly recommended that you change the Password after installation.

Bullet I have just created a New Customer record but cannot find where to add a new TimeSlot or appointment?

SlottaTime requires that each Customer TimeSlot or Appointment is recorded against a Customer "Location". You simply click on the Location Tab, then click Add and enter the new address details. When you close the Location screen you will see there are now Future Slots and Past Slots tabs available. Click on Future Slots and then New.

Bullet How do I set or change my details in SlottaTime?

From the Main Switchboard, navigate to: Other Information > Configure > More... > Company Information.

The Company Information screen will open, enter all your details as needed. You can also select your Logo here so it prints on Invoices and other documents.

Bullet How do I customise SlottaTime to suit all my Services etc?

SlottaTime is flexible and allows Services to be added or removed. From the Main Switchboard navigate to Other Information > Service Types. Then add or edit the Service types your want. Note that each Service you offer requires a unique colour code to speed visual recognition.

Other settings can be found under the Main Switchboard, navigate to: Other Information > Configure...ure...

Bullet I have accidentally created two Customers the same! What do I do?

From the Main Switchboard, navigate to: Other Information > Configure > More... > Merge Duplicate Customers. SlottaTime will prompt you to identify the duplicates and then merge all data into one customer record and delete the duplicate.

Bullet Can create my own detailed Reports?

SlottaTime comes with many detailed reports and a facility for Custom Report creation. Here you can select most key fields for the main data directly and optionally add criteria to produce lists that can be copied or exported to Excel, Word or other applications for additional layout and processing.

Bullet Can I have additional Detailed Reports written for me?

Yes. Custom reports can be produced for you for fee. These reports would normally be included in the next product release. Please Contact us for details or use the feedback form to list your requirements..

Bullet My question is not listed! What should I do?

You can use the Feedback feature: From the Main Switchboard, navigate to: Other Information > About & Feedback to send us feedback or suggestions or click to see our Contact us page.


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